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Developing your team is perhaps the most important work you can do as a leader. Yet it often feels like the thing that gets the last of your time and attention. It’s time to get intentional about growing your team’s potential.

Our leadership coaches partner with you to design your next staff development event. We partner with organizations to maximize your most critical resource – your team – by creating a personalized one or two day workshop.

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Customized coaching for you and your team


You get to participate rather than facilitate the workshop


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Perfect for your next all staff development day or offsite retreat

Working Genius Workshop

A One-Day Workshop designed to help you discover your natural gifts and thrive at work.

Leadership experts, 4Sight Coaches, and certified Working Genius Facilitators Julie Pierce or Carey O’Connor will lead your team through a one day intensive centered on The Six Types of Working Genius Assessment from Patrick Lencioni and The Table Group.


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In this workshop you will learn:

toolsThe language of Working Genius, Working Competency, and Working Frustration.

user-friendsHow to tap into one another’s talents and passions.  

chess-knight  How to strategically staff teams and projects.

chart-lineHow to increase morale and tap into potential.

Extraordinary Teams Workshop

A One-Day Workshop designed to help your staff move from a group of individuals to a team; from “me” to “we.”

Leadership expert and 4Sight Coach Julie Pierce will lead your team through fun, engaging experiences and challenging content focused on the key aspects of transforming from an ordinary group into an extraordinary team.


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In this workshop,
we will focus on:

usersBecoming a team

chalkboard-teacherCoaching a team

bullseyeFocusing a team

exchangeLeading a team through change

Lead True

A One-Day Workshop designed to help you discover how you lead true: your one-of-a-kind approach to leadership.

Leadership expert and 4Sight Coach Julie Pierce will lead your team through a one day discovery process focused on bringing out the best in each leader. A cookie cutter approach to leadership doesn’t cut it anymore. Our challenges require us to harness and develop the uniqueness of the leaders on our team.


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In this workshop, you will discover your:

book-readerLeadership Story

user-tieLeadership Style

chart-barLeadership Purpose

chart-lineLeadership Potential

Organizational Chart Workshop

A One-Day Workshop designed to help you align your team to achieve your mission.

Building a team that is aligned and achieving your mission together is one of the greatest joys of leadership. But how do you effectively design the team to support the needs of the organization as well as cater to the unique gifts of each team member? How do you honor the commitment of current staff while expanding the team to meet the demands of the future?

A well-designed organizational chart is not a necessary evil of organizational life. Instead, it’s, a life-giving tool for clarity, alignment, good decision-making. An effective org chart is your engine for accomplishing your mission.


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In this workshop you will:

chart-pieEvaluate your current organizational structure analyzing strengths and weaknesses of the structure and how it does or does not support your growth Goals.

chart-barAssess current staff strengths and capacity for growth.

editDesign a phased organizational structure that supports current reality and maps toward your future goals.

analyticsCreate plan with recommendations for restructuring, guidance through restructuring, and coaching for how to lead staff through these critical changes.


Most leaders I talk with know their team culture matters, but not all of those leaders know how to explain it, much less leverage it to achieve their mission. Jenni Catron and The 4Sight Group bring the often esoteric culture conversation to a practical level and gives us a pathway and process to help us all get our arms around it. 

Matt Warren
Executive Director, Cross Point Church




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