The Culture Workshop

A two day private workshop designed to evaluate your culture, define your desired future, and build a plan to get you there.

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What You Get

The 2-day coaching workshop includes: 

  • Facilitate an employee engagement survey, and from the results, identify the 3 most critical areas of focus. (Optional based on need)
  • Learn the building blocks for sustaining great organizational culture.
  • Define the culture you aspire to and build a pathway for achieving that culture using our values framework. 
  • Build a plan to implement your cultural values at every stage of the employee lifecycle, infusing the core elements of your culture into the everyday rhythms of work. 
  • Define the leaders, systems, and routines that will enable you to continue to build upon our work. 

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Extraordinary Culture IS your competitive advantage.

Transform Your Culture

Research tells us that strong organizational culture leads to greater employee engagement, less turnover, and more productivity.
In today’s environment, teams are leaner than ever while demands and expectations are greater than ever. A strong, clearly aligned team is essential for success.

At The 4Sight Group, we’ve been where you are. We know the challenge of balancing the immediate demands of a growing organization with the desire to build a strong and healthy culture.

The 4Sight team of coaches have experience curating culture at some of the country’s largest, fastest-growing, and most influential businesses, churches, and nonprofits. Our coaches will provide you with a well-researched, proven plan to improve your team’s culture.

We would love to help you customize a strategy specific to your culture, your challenges, and your team's potential. 
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Culture is who you are and how you work together to achieve your mission.

What To Expect

Day 1 
Session 1 - Building Blocks for Organizational Success
Session 2 - Clarity Test: Determine your Culture Blind Spot
Session 3 - Build Your Values Grid
Session 4 - Values Workshop with Interactive Coaching

Day 2
Session 5 - Culture Hierarchy of Needs
Session 6 - Define your Employee Journey 
Session 7 - Systems Test: Organizational Structure, Meeting Cadence, Leadership Development and More 
Session 8 - Build your Implementation Plan  

The Culture Workshop Schedule The 4Sight Group

Culture is the stewardship of people in pursuit of purpose.

Are You Ready?

During your two day private workshop our team will evaluate, design and develop the building blocks for extraordinary culture with you, and you will leave with a step by step process and tools that enable you to create a strategy that allows your organization to thrive.
Every team and every organization has unique dynamics that shape your culture. The 4Sight Culture Framework brings you a proven plan that is both systematic and flexible. We work with you to identify where you are, where you want to be, and how you will get there
Connect with us today to learn how we can help you take your culture from ordinary to extraordinary!


Brian Episcopo, Appleton Alliance Church

Jenni is world class. She and her team have a rare blend of experience and bring an abundance of data and research to their insights. The 4Sight Group content is dense, backed by proven results, and practical for any size context.
Rev. Brian Episcopo
Senior Pastor
Appleton Alliance Church