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Leaders Should Not Be Floundering

Your mission is too great and your time is too valuable to spin your wheels without support. 

How many of these can you relate to?

☑️ I’ve never led at this level before and I don’t know what I’m doing
☑️ I was recently promoted and I’m drowning in the extra responsibility
☑️ I lack confidence for how to lead well
☑️ I feel like I don't know what I'm doing and where to get support
☑️ I often don’t feel like I have what it takes to do this
☑️ There are so many resources available but I need help applying them to my specific circumstances

It’s Time to Get the Support You Need to Lead Well

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You need the support of a leader you trust. Our team will help you find the best coach to fit you and your circumstances.
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Realize the value of the intentional investment in your development and see your leadership soar.
Joshua Symonette
Commit for 6 Months
Leadership growth is patient and persistent work. Commit to the process for a minimum of 6 months.
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Coaching Philosophy

How are your relationships with family, friends, staff and co-workers?

Are you living from your values and beliefs? How self-aware are you?

Did you do what you said you would do since we last talked? Are you providing strategic direction?

Are you clear on the vision and direction? Do you understand how to lead others to this outcome?

Schedule a Free Call with a Coach

Coaching Deliverables

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    Schedule a Free Call with a Coach
    “Genea has far exceeded my admittedly high expectations as a coach and consultant. Leveraging her church and marketplace experience, she has brought much-needed clarity, understanding, organization, and deliberate next steps to me as a leader, my team, and our organization. Her professionalism combined with personal care have allowed her to say difficult but necessary things in ways that we can hear them. I’m confident that Genea could make a significant impact on any size organization facing any number of challenges, whether culture, staffing, or strategy. I give Genea my highest recommendation.”
    Dustin Maddox

    Senior Pastor, Fresno, CA

    “Julie is not only a dynamic leader and coach, but a gifted listener. She has an uncanny ability to assist leaders in developing their own personal purpose that can be used not just for today but for a lifetime. The experience I had with Julie is priceless!”

    Director of Communications and Connections

    “Carey has brought tools and resources that enable us to have a greater appreciation for what each leader brings to the table in a way that optimizes our efficiencies and effectiveness in leading others. It also helps everyone to better understand when to lean on others who have greater strengths in various areas of importance.”
    Matthew Perry

    President, City Lifestyle

    “I sought Jon‘s help after hearing him speak on volunteer recruitment. I hoped he’d help me increase recruitment and retention, but what I didn’t expect was how he called out my personal purpose and blind spots, helped me build lasting relationships with my team and structure our ministry. Jon’s coaching not only transformed our ministry, but his gift of compassion and truth changed me as a pastor forever. ”
    Julie Smith

    Children’s Pastor

    “Joshua Symonette is a leader of leaders. We’ve had the joy of co-laboring for more than a decade. There are few people I respect more. I’m a better leader because of him.”
    Mark Batterson

    Best-Selling Author & Lead Pastor, National Community Church

    How Will You Benefit From Coaching?

    • You will gain the practical leadership skills needed to lead yourself and your team well.

    • A 4Sight Certified Coach provides trusted support and confidentiality with challenges you may be navigating in this season of your leadership.

    • You will experience leadership growth based on an individualized coaching plan to support your key initiatives.

    • You will have increased confidence in your leadership and decision making.

    • A 4Sight Certified Coach will help you discover clarity about your path forward as a leader. 



    Let’s Work Together

    Cultural change doesn’t happen overnight. It is only available to leaders who have done the diligent work to grow in their self-awareness and organizational awareness. Shared vision, intentional communication and total buy-in are just a few of the indicators that a team culture has been crafted on purpose. Even the best leaders need help along the way. That’s where we come in. Our team of leadership coaches and culture consultants are here to assess, advise and accelerate your journey toward a thriving culture.