2024 Internship Program



Jenni Catron The 4Sight Group


Have you ever thought:

  • “How can I gain experience in leadership if I haven’t led people before?”
  • “I would love to learn more but I can’t find a mentor to invest in me.”
Although Jenni wishes she could coach everyone 1:1, we know that is impossible! That's why our internship program could be AMAZING for you!

You will receive hands-on training, group coaching through Women in Leadership, leadership insights, and access to valuable leadership and culture curriculum through the 4Sight internship program.
We are passionate about cultivating healthy leaders to lead thriving organizations. If you’re passionate about growing your leadership skills, this internship would be a great opportunity for you! We are looking for people who lead themselves well, have tenacity, and are passionate about leadership and culture. 
  • If chosen for this internship, you will begin in May and will continue through December 2024
  • The 4Sight team is an entirely remote team, so you’ll enjoy the flexibility of working from anywhere
  • 5 hours per week is required
  • Areas of focus: Social Media 
  • Access to all 4Sight training and courses and all live workshops (Women in Leadership and 4Sight Leadership Institute)! 

  • Total compensation for the internship is valued at $5,000
We want to help develop you into an extraordinary leader, and we will equip you to go after your goals through experience, resources, and coaching!
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