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The 4Sight Group brings the culture conversation to a practical level and provides a pathway and process to help leaders and their teams succeed together.

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Our free online assessment will provide an initial evaluation of your
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Most leaders I talk with know their team culture matters, but not all of those leaders know how to explain it, much less leverage it to achieve their mission. Jenni Catron and The 4Sight Group bring the often esoteric culture conversation to a practical level and gives us a pathway and process to help us all get our arms around it. 

Matt Warren

Executive Director, Cross Point Church

After a church merge and leadership transitions, we lacked cohesive culture and vision. Jenni and Ashley developed a clear plan and tools that aligned us and gave us greater health and relief in areas of frustration across our staff.

Carson Pedraza

The Local Church (100 Fastest Growing Churches, Outreach Magazine

We had become top-heavy which caused slow decision-making and inefficient systems. Jenni equipped us with a decision-making framework and guided an entire re-org for efficient operations and long-term growth. This is the best our team has functioned in years.

Mark Weigt

The Ridge

    Jenni Catron The 4Sight Group Lead Well

    Lead Well

    Today’s culture is demanding a different leader. A leader who has the emotional intelligence to lead himself or herself well, to navigate the critical moments for your organization, and the ability to discern the emotional current of the team and the culture.

    Impossible task? Perhaps challenging, but we believe possible…and essential to lead effectively into the future. We’re here to walk alongside you and your team to provide the tools and resources you need to accomplish your purpose with renewed focus and passion.

    • We’ve developed culture plans for teams of 6 to 6,000.
    • We’ve coached leaders in start-up organizations, non-profits, churches and multi-billion dollar corporations.
    • We’re committed to cultivating healthy leaders to lead thriving organizations.

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    Culture is everything, and the first step is to assess what your culture is now. 

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